Looking for your size but it’s not there? We got you!

We understand that our sizes are not complete and #ConfidentlyDifferent definition is still limited. As part of our mission to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness, we are consistently working on several initiatives, especially sizes.

As of now, we’d like to offer you size alteration and customization services so that you can wear our pieces with confidence!

Usually, we will need your body measurement depending on the pieces you want to custom. However, we also accept if you wish to only downsize or upsize (+/- 4 cm reduction or addition) without giving us your body measurement.

Below is the guide for body measurements



We charge IDR50.000 - IDR100.000 for the services and the fees will be paid fully to the tailors.

If you are interested in this offer and need further information, please contact WhatsApp

+62 811 236 790.